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At The Oaks at Beaumont, we are proud to be a part of the Beaumont community. Below are some of our current events and success stories.
News and Events for The Oaks at Beaumont
Carolyn Priest was admitted to The Oaks at Beaumont in July of 2014 after having a hip replacement. She began a therapy program including occupational, speech, and physical therapy to assist her from a non-weight bearing condition. Through the course of her therapy, her ability to walk with a walker and independently manage her activities of daily living were restored. While here, she was also able to upgrade her diet to one that was more acceptable for her. “Mrs. Priest was a joy to have in therapy, she was always very motivated and encouraged others.” The Oaks at Beaumont and Reliant Rehab staff wish her the best of luck!

Way to go Mrs. Priest!
The Oaks at Beaumont would like to congratulate Paula Erickson on her success at our facility. Paula came to us wheelchair bound and was unable to perform her own activities of daily living. Through continued support and encouragement, Paula can now independently perform those activities and has progressed to even walk on her own. She thrived both physically and socially, and had jobs inside the facility that gave her purpose.Paula is now ready to move on to her own apartment with the help of home health services.
We are so proud of you Paula!

The Oaks at Beaumont recognizes Gloria Baskin for achieving success during her stay with us. Ms. Baskin entered our facility wheelchair bound and having swallowing problems. She worked daily with our physical, occupational, and speech therapists and was able to improve her strength, endurance, and food tolerance. When she left to return home, Ms. Baskin was ambulating with a rolling walker and was eating a regular diet. She has returned to the community with restored confidence and independence.

Awesome job Gloria!
Oaks at Beaumont Nurse Aide Wins Award
Congratulations go to Ms. Darlene Cain for winning one of the Beaumont Rotary Club's prestigious Vocational Excellence Awards. Ms. Cain was honored at the Rotary luncheon on May 20th, 2015. The video shows administrator, Steve Corley, introducing Darlene and explaining why she was nominated. We are all very proud of Darlene for this much deserved recognition.
Everyone at the Oaks at Beaumont would like to wish you the warmest congratulations on your retirement!

Your extraordinary ability to keep the team on task in a perfectly harmonious way is a good example of your professionalism and attention to detail. We sincerely hope we can live up to your example and continue with our new team leader in the same way, although I doubt anyone has your infectious laugh and good humor. We will miss your wisdom and enthusiasm, because you always kept us looking at the bright side of life.

Hard work, dedication,  and a positive attitude. These are only a few of the many precious things you have shared with us everyday for the past 44 years. Thank you and congratulations on your retirement!
Happy Retirement Matilda Brown!